Prices depend on the defect, the complexity and duration of information recovery. They are not fixed due to the nature of work. For example, if you ask a car repair shop how much will a break pads replacement cost and you receive an answer 30 BGN, the repair shop employees know that they would have to unscrew and screw back X bolts and disassemble Y modules. Data recovery is an entirely different type of work – creative rather than routine. We had cases where we struggled for 3 weeks to recover a single file! Therefore, the prices described are in ranges and they are subject to upward or downward changes if necessary.

Diagnostics – 10 BGN without opening the disc and 20 BGN with opening the disc
Diagnostics for every disc from RAID array – 20 BGN
Express order – x2 (in non-working days – x3)


SAS, SCSI, 0.8, 1.8 inch disks +30%

»   Printed circuit board (PCB) failure: 80-150 BGN*
»   HDD firmware failure: 100-200 BGN**
»   Logical data recovery: 80-300 BGN**

Magnetic heads unit (MHU) or preamp/commuter failure: ***
» HDD <= 200GB –  250-350 BGN
» HDD >=200GB и <=1000GB –  350-450 BGN
» HDD >1000GB –  450-700 BGN

(if the platters are scratched the price may be higher subject to additional agreement)

Moving a disk package to a donor disk: ***

»   1 platter – 200-250 BGN
»   2 or more platters – 300-700 BGN
»   Unblocking a blocked spindle – 200-300 BGN

Information recovery following attempted recovery by third parties: from x2 to x3

»   RAID: start from 150 BGN for each disk of the array
»   Password extraction from files/disks and decryption (after proof of ownership) – by agreement

SSD drives (with disassembling):

»  without disassembling the memory chips – 250-450 BGN
»  with disassembling the memory chips – 600-1000 BGN


» Information recovery from CD/DVD: 30-100 BGN
» Information recovery from tape devices: by agreement

Recovery of information from NAND memory devices (usb flash, SD, etc.)

Operative devices ( logical recovery )**** – 100-300 BGN

»  with disassembling the memory chips – 350-500 BGN
»  monolith – 800-1000 BGN

All prices exclude VAT

The prices so described aim at maximum correctness with the customers and are valid for recovered valuable data! Discounts are available for regular customers, disabled people, schools and health institutions.

We work under partnership programs with IT companies.

*        the price is for data recovery, not disk repair!!!
**      the price is for data recovery – if possible, the disk will be repaired free of charge!
***    the price does not include the cost of the donor!!!
****     means that the flash stick is recognized correctly at full volume and there is no need to unsolder and read the memory on a programmer.