About us

ITEMA-V Ltd. was established in 1995 by Velichko Dimitrov Velichkov – a leading specialist in CICT (Central Institute of Computer Technology). Starting work in 1977, he was involved for many years in the design and implementation of disk storage devices. During this period he wrote and co-wrote a number of inventions and innovations registered with the appropriate copyright licenses and patents abroad. He has written many articles published in specialized journals, participated in textbooks drafting and in training of national and foreign computing experts.

Initially, the main activities of the company were assembling and repairing computer systems, focusing primarily on data storage hard disks. Gradually, with the increasing use of computers in all areas of life, the surfacing issue became the recovery of data from faulty hard drives and any other data storage media. The narrow specialization of our company in this specific field allowed us to reach the necessary level of technology and knowledge meeting the requirements for successful implementation of this activity. We maintain high quality of service by using the best specialized equipment and software, regularly attending international conferences and seminars, and keeping in touch with foreign specialists in the field.